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Chelsea Zhang for MSU

For a better tomorrow.


Hey there! My name is Chelsea Zhang.

I'm a first-year student-athlete in Honours Health Program and I am running for the position of Coordinator of Volunteering and Charities.


Why me?



  • Montreal General Hospital Dialysis Volunteer

  • Director's Merit Scholarship

  • Public Speaking Instructor

  • Flight Commander & Leader at 338 Air Cadets Squadron (Service Medal 4 years)

  • Star of the Year Graduation 2022-2023

  • Fidgy Trophy (Fitness Instructor)



  • Dedicated and hardworking

  • Compassionate & outgoing

  • Open-minded

  • Passionate leader, friend, and teammate

  • Creativity, Integrity & Honesty


Taking Action

  • Uphold MVN (Mari Volunteering Network)

  • Volunteering opportunities in all domains

  • Joint fundraisers with Mari clubs and external organizations

  • Awesome fundraising events on campus:

    • Sports tournaments​

    • Game nights

    • Theme Day

  • Open to all ideas!


A better future

  • Allow Mari students to explore various volunteering opportunities that can help shape their path for future education or careers

  • Enrich Student Life further with big events, fundraisers, and activities

  • Make the perception of volunteering fun!

Your vote matters.
Vote Chelsea today 4 A Better Tomorrow. Upcoming elections will be held on Omnivox on September 5th-6th!

Some quotes

Synonym of extrovert, dedicated, and inclusive, Chelsea is a risk-taker and would literally do anything to make her environment a better place.  An impressive student, an outgoing athlete, and a great leader, she forged herself a lifestyle that suits this position perfectly.

Ecaterina Gorasciuc

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